Femme Fatales!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February Fever Photo Shoot

Hello Everyone!

I hope that in my absence you have all been well and I especially hope that you all had a very happy Hearts Day on the 14th.

I've been focussing on my weight loss quite a bit and getting out there in the world and doing things even if it's running my son around from swimming lessons to Cub Scouts, and I'm enjoying every minute of it!!

I've also just recently had an amazing photo shoot with my bestie friend turned client and I just had to share the glorius pictures with you all because she's such a beautiful woman!  Hard to believe she was nervous.

Doesn't she just have the most amazing infectious smile?

And just because I feel I don't advertise my photography enough, for those of you that are interested click the link below to go to my flikr account for all my photo sessions seen in brilliant color.