Femme Fatales!

About Me

Hi Everyone.
So I thought I'd take the time and write a little about me so you can get to know me better.

My name is Oana, but for obvious reasons of people mispelling or mispronouncing my name I go by Adriana, which isn't a big leap as it's my middle name.

I just turned 29 and I still look and feel the same.  Granted a new wrinkle might've found it's nesting ground in my forehead, but oh well! I call it the wrinkle of wisdom  ~.^
If I age half as gracefully as my mother, I've got it made.

Ever since I was little I used to be a complete tomboy, but once I hit my 20's my body seemed to realize it was female and leaned towards all things pink and fluffy.  I adore all the girly girl things the world has to offer, but sadly I'll never be a dainty creature who can pull that look off.  I'd still  rather lounge in jeans and a t-shirt.

I'm a mother of one, been married for five years, a certified Personal Support Worker who loves to indulge in beauty(taking care of my skin), fashion, health and a good ol' rolling up of the sleeves to my elbows to clean the house.  There's just something so serene about a spic and span house.  A little OCD??  Perhaps!  ^.^

Anything I post on my blog are all my own opinions and if I offend any of you, I truly appologize.
Enjoy what I have to share and feel free to follow me on twitter and maybe show my Youtube channel some love.

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