Femme Fatales!


My greatest passion is to take pictures with my camera.
I've always loved taking pictures.  Ever since I can remember I was telling someone to smile and "click", they were captured on film.
Then my handsome son was born, and like every adoring mother I now have thousands plus more pictures to look at when I want to reminisce, plus thousands more to come.
I'm a self taught photographer and you get an entire session to shoot where you want with who you want as well as ALL pictures on a CD with a selected bunch retouched.

Photography shouldn't be expensive!  Everyone should have the oportunity to have a photographer capture their most cherished moments.  I feel most alive when I'm behind the camera, and most of my family and friends know that I don't travel without one.  If I bump into you, chances are you'll end up on film.  Smile!  A little smile goes a long way.

Check out my Flickr website for some of my work
or skim the pictures below for some of my most memorable shoots yet.