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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Today is the last day we kiss 2010 good-bye.  It seems like just yesterday when we were starting the 2000th year and it has me remembering where I was and what I was doing and how far I've come in just ten years.  Where do you hope to be in another ten years?

With the new year starting tonight for many of us it marks the beginning of a New Years Resolution.
Like so many of you, there are lots that I can think of to add to my list, but will I actually stick to it, who knows?  So rather than beat myself up over past failures and setting unreasonable resolutions, I'm gonna make them small.

Last month I joined the gym and last week I joined Weight Watchers.  Some of you may think it's a waste of money to pay to go to meetings that tell you how to eat right, when you can just buckle down and do it yourself.  Knowing the kind of person I am I need constant motivation.  Temptation is so easy, otherwise it wouldn't be called that.  I don't need the motivation to resist temptation, tho sometimes that helps, but the motivation to be proud of myself no matter the loss or the gain.  I like to see other people, big small, old or young come together in one room and talk about ideas for a better lifestyle.  Weight loss isn't just being skinny, or at least it isn't to me, it's about making the right choices and still being okay with yourself even if you don't.  I didn't set nor will I set an upstanding weight loss goal.  My goal right now is to lose ten pounds, this is attainable because even tho the number isn't much, it's a little.  And once that little is lost I will add another attainable goal of ten pounds, etc, etc.
Now I know what you're thinking...God, not this weight loss bullshit again!  And I'm not here to push anything on anyone, I just wanted to share my resolution for the New Year.
I'm happy to report that in one week by following the new points system I lost a respectable 2.6 lbs.
*Clap clap* *Whistle whistle*
It may not be much, but hey, I worked damn hard for it, especially during the Holidays with so many baked treats within my reach!
Why did it work for me?  Because I forced myself to be accountable for everything that I put into my mouth. Saying "It's just one cookie" was not an option!  I had the cookie don't get me wrong, but I accounted for it being in my diet and I didn't let the "One" turn into six or seven, that was hard! 

For this reason it excites me to start off the year doing something for myself and I only hope that each and every one of you had a Merry Christmas and have an even better and joyous New Year!!

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought,
The mind is everything.
What we think, we become"

--Buddha Quote

Much Love and Health,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Giveaway Winner!

As some of you know, my Christmas contest ended on the 19th and it is now time to reveal the winner!
Every comment, every re-tweet, every re-blog, new followers on both twitter and my blog that have entered the contest counted as an entry.

Thank you ALL for participating!!
I love to host giveaways, no matter how big or small and it makes me happy to know that you guys are interested in what I have to offer :)  My husband usually asks me why so many giveaways and all I have to say is why not?

Congratulations to thifa !
 You will be contacted by e-mail shortly :)

(Comments, followers, tweets and mentions have been counted in the order they have appeared)

Once again thank you to ALL who have participated!
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Humor Pt.2

I did a bit of digging and I found a few more funnies that are sure to make you smile or at the very least arch a brow.

*snicker snicker*


Monday, December 6, 2010

More Additions to My Christmas Giveaway

 I found a few more goodies to throw into my Christmas Giveaway Basket.
I realize they're nothing to ooh or aaah over but I'm not sure why I didn't think of adding something like this before.

Being a Body Shop lover they had a sale for travel sized shower gel.  I have an obsession with small things...little things.  Little people, little accessories...they're so cute!!
That being said I'm gonna throw in these two shower gels.

I also found this really cute ring at Icing's by Claire's.
I LOVE jewelery and I thought this was really funky!

And lastly because I'm such a firm believer in saving our planet and I practice the three R's religiously, I will include this strawberry reusable bag.

So there you have it, three more things to add to my Christmas Giveaway....remember this?

If you haven't already entered don't forget to do so.
Contest rules HERE


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday 2010 FOTD (Face of the Day)

With the Christmas Holidays looming nearby I want a make-up look that is festive, yet easy to do.
That being said, when I think of the Holidays, silver, gold and lots of sparkles come to mind.
Naturally I busted out all of my make-up supplies...

 My New favorite lipstick!!  And that's saying a lot since I don't normally wear any lipstick.

Ok, I lied, that's not all of my make-up, but that's the main necessity for me, or at least it was what I used to create this look  ^.^

Let's begin:

For the sake of showing you what make-up really does, I went bare as I applied to my eyes.  No, not bare as in naked (you dirty bird, get your mind out of the gutter ~.^ ) Bare as in a fresh canvas, a fresh make-up free face...
Gaaaahhh!  Isn't that terrible?!!  I look like an addict of some sort.  This is the result you get from lack of sleep, so my advice, sleep at least 8 hours a day if you can.  It doesn't help that I couldn't get my camera to focus either so I just snapped it anyway.

I will make a nice tidy list of everything I used at the end of the post, but for now, I'm gonna break it down.

Matte Palette

Shimmer Palette

Using Bhcosmetics Matte Palette, add color 11 to eyelid.

Switch to the Shimmer Palette and add color 77 to crease and bring into a V shape onto outercorner of eye lid

 Using color 44 from the Shimmer Palette apply under brow bone

 Switching back to the Matte Palette mix color 1 with 12 and 23 and apply right under brow

 Now we are ready to fill in our eyebrows...

 ...and apply eye liner

The final touch is applying our falsie lashes

For an extra touch of shimmer or sparkle I dusted a little bit of silver sparkles over top of my lids.

 Christmas Holiday 2010 FOTD

Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base
Covergirl Simply Ageless Eye Concealer
Mac Prolongwear Spf 10 Foundation

Bhcosmetics 88 Matte Palette
Bhcosmetics 88 Shimmer Palette
Quo Liquid eyeliner
Quo False eyelashes
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

Sephora Blush Me in Corail Frisson no 5

54 from The Body Shop

And because I wouldn't be me if I didn't act like a goofball I snapped a few extra's

What's your FOTD for the Holidays??


Friday, December 3, 2010

Perfect Imperfection Tag

If you follow "the world through my lens" she recently did a tag on blogger that was supposed to be for YouTube, but I'm gonna take it from her and continue the tag on blogger.  Even though I do have a YouTube account it's a lot of work to get all dolled up, edit and talk about this tag. (Yes, I'm just a little bit lazy, you're only realizing this now?  :) )
 Isn't she beautiful?
You can follow her on Twitter @m0sushi and check out her darling blog full of her heartfelt thoughts :)

In this tag, you are supposed to list three things you don't like about yourself, whether they are obvious to the world, or you pick something that no one else sees.  Then you pick three things that you do like about yourself.

It's very easy to be critical of ourselves and it's hard to keep my unlike list to a minimum of three, but keep in mind we are always harsher on ourselves than anybody else would ever be on us.  We are our own worst critiques!

So, three things about myself I dislike:
1.  The scars on my fingers from my ski accident.
I'd like to be able to say I got them while mastering The Black Mountain of Doom.  Ha!  It happened on the bunny hill during my lessons, so I didn't even get to finish my lessons before I ended up in the hospital.
My ski instructor had mentioned that we'd be able to lean as far forward as we could without falling because our ski's would counteract the weight displacement.  Of course me being who I am decided to try this after I'd gone down the three foot bunny hill and low and behold I fell down.  Rather than immediately get up like a normal person I decided to keep my butt plopped firm in the snow and that's when someone ran over my fingers with their ski's, resulting in a splash of scars from knuckle to knuckle.  Sigh!

2.  My jelly belly.
It's easy for me to blame my jelly belly on lack of exercise, being big boned or from my pregnancy and though this may be truth for a lot of people...for me it simply just is.  I've had it since I can remember and it doesn't look like it will leave me anytime soon.  I can have a jello jiggler anytime I want.

3.  I'm a very stubborn person!!
I am a stubborn person, perhaps too stubborn.  It's not as hard to admit it as it is to change.  When my mind is made up, good luck trying to change it.  I could be completely in the dark about whatever it is I've made up my mind about but you will not get me to budge.  It's almost like once my brain has decided something, there's no off switch.  There's no turning it back, there's no turning it forward, it's stuck right smack dab on the decision it has made.  This has resulted in numerous arguments, a vast amount of shouting matches and even more evil glares.

Now three things I like about myself:

1.  The scars on my fingers from my ski accident.
Though the scars themselves are an ill reminder of what happened and how they happened, I'm also reminded that I did go skiing.  I went out there completely out of my comfort zone and tried something that nameless other people had told me I would not be able to do.  Granted I didn't make it past the bunny hill, but I still went out there and tried!

2.  My jelly belly.
My jelly belly no matter the reason for it's existence reminds me that for nine months it carried my son, stretching to a grotesqueness that I still can't comprehend how it doesn't topple us over?
When you're that pregnant and you're literally ready to pop, whoa, makes you realize that life really is a miracle!

3.  My stubborness.
So by now you're probably thinking WTF?  How can I like everything about myself that I just said I dislike?
Let me put it to you like this, ALL my likes and dislikes make me who I am today.  It's a constant internal struggle, a constant love/hate relationship.  I'm always looking to better myself without completely changing.  Confusing right?  Normally when we want to better ourselves it involves some kind of change, and as much as I put myself down, there's also positives to my dislikes like I mentioned.  So how can I really dislike myself?  I like being me.  You should like being you too!  It makes you who you are, imperfections and all.  Besides, just because you don't like your own skin, or your hair, or your thighs, doesn't mean everybody else dislikes it too.  There's someone out there who will look beyond that.

So what do I like about my stubborness?  It keeps me sane.  It makes me stick to my own opinions.  It gives people something to talk about.  It may lead to arguments which may result in great make-up you know what  ~.^

Tag!  You're it!

And remember, your imperfections are what make you YOU!


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Tuesday Nov 30th sparked a lot of temptation, salivation and quite possibly masturbation for a lot of the male population everywhere.

I watched with the world as scantily clad females with heaving bosoms descended the runway of the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion show.

Granted these ladies could use a sandwich, or two, the designs are fun, flirty and downright jaw dropping.  This is one annual show I enjoy watching no matter my weight, no matter what I ate or what I'm doing.
With hundreds of different dazzling outfits and lingerie I chose a few, ok a lot more than a few, that I really liked or have caught my eye.
Shall we delve into the 2010 collection together?
Let's do it!

I absolutely adore this!!!  The sheerness and elegantness of it mixed with a tinge of Diva.  LOVE it!!

Even newlywed Katy Perry took centre stage to perform her new single Firework.

Simply stunning.  Very glamorous.  Ruffles and roses add an instant wow factor.

It's amazing what they can create out of wheat and straw...

 This one and the next are so girly and so fun they remind me of soft pink fluffy things filled with bubblegum and cheer  ^.^

 Meow!  Queen of the jungle!

 Adriana Lima is soooo beautiful!!

Ooooh this leaves me excited for the possibilities of next year.
Which one do you adore?