Femme Fatales!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Tuesday Nov 30th sparked a lot of temptation, salivation and quite possibly masturbation for a lot of the male population everywhere.

I watched with the world as scantily clad females with heaving bosoms descended the runway of the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion show.

Granted these ladies could use a sandwich, or two, the designs are fun, flirty and downright jaw dropping.  This is one annual show I enjoy watching no matter my weight, no matter what I ate or what I'm doing.
With hundreds of different dazzling outfits and lingerie I chose a few, ok a lot more than a few, that I really liked or have caught my eye.
Shall we delve into the 2010 collection together?
Let's do it!

I absolutely adore this!!!  The sheerness and elegantness of it mixed with a tinge of Diva.  LOVE it!!

Even newlywed Katy Perry took centre stage to perform her new single Firework.

Simply stunning.  Very glamorous.  Ruffles and roses add an instant wow factor.

It's amazing what they can create out of wheat and straw...

 This one and the next are so girly and so fun they remind me of soft pink fluffy things filled with bubblegum and cheer  ^.^

 Meow!  Queen of the jungle!

 Adriana Lima is soooo beautiful!!

Ooooh this leaves me excited for the possibilities of next year.
Which one do you adore?



liquoredonlacquer said...

I adore them all. I wasn't allowed to watch this :-P My hubby is quite old fashioned about things and he doesn't believe in women like "this".

Its hard to explain.

But these girls are stunning and the designs are stunning! :-D

Zxenarea said...

I can totally understand how your husband feels. Sometimes I think mine should be a little more like yours :)
But I do enjoy seeing these glamorous models with all the dazzling outfits and lingerie. It all looks like so much fun!! :)

shootingstars123 said...

LOLLLLLLL. I think i'll stick to the PINK by victoria secret. xD

snow0016 said...

Katy perry's lovely here! miss miranda kerr!