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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sisterly Love

Looking at the title you're probably wondering is that actually what my post is about?  And yes it is!

Last week my best friend, my sister came to visit me for a few days.  This trip was supposed to have happened last year and has been planned and rescheduled for what seemed like forever, so to finally have had her here still seems surreal.
She is my best friend, my sister, my confidant.  Nobody knows me the way she does.  There's things I tell her that I can't even tell my own mother!!

You know what I'm talking about.  A friend who never lets you down and when she does is quick to make up for it.  A friend who you can go without seeing or talking to for months at a time and then finally one day you both get together and it's as if no time has passed between you two at all!  She is that friend for me.
I love you sis!

I made this sign for her while waiting at the airport, only her flight got there before I did so I had it sitting on the passenger side of the car for her with a pink feather boa.

We went to restaurants and cafes and taste tested what ever we wanted.  Bring on the sweets...and coffee...and a little bit of everything!

I gave her a little scenic tour of my favorite little town Fort Langley as we were on our way to the movies...

 We got there extra early because we wanted to make sure we got good seats.  Bridesmaids!  Excellent girls night out movie.  Ladies if you haven't seen it yet, it will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

We went out for a hike with the dogs...of course I brought my camera and started shooting away...

She tried to flatten a tree with her bare palms...lol

We chilled at Crescent Beach...

...while eating cupcakes.  Mine was the Cookies and Cream, she had the Chocolate Chip Mint.  They were to die for!

We watched a little sailboat capsize....ok more like the wind blew it over.

We played pretty and...

...gave ourselves pedicures.

We also prettied ourselves up for each other...aren't we sexy?!?

You're my best friend, my sister, and I Love ya!!



Ev said...

awww looks like you two had a blast! I'm not that close to my sister, but we do get along for the most part and I know she means well when she comes over and tells me I should clean more and what not, LOL!

Zxenarea said...

Ev, I used to be that sister! And then I realized life was too short and I loved her no matter how unorganized or untidy she was, not that she is, but you get my meaning :)

SoOOshie RAW said...

I want some cupcakes too!!!