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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fantastic Eco Gifts For Someone You Love or Simply For Yourself

I find myself surfing the net a lot more these days, part is due to my part time hours at work and the other part is due to the research I do to find fun facts, tips, tricks and even more ideas on how to be Eco compatible with the Earth.

Being Eco friendly means money, but not always. Naturally going green is going to cost a bit more because it involves more resources getting interactive so we can have more green goods at our disposal. But try to think of it like any other budget you would set, because in the long run it really does benefit not just the Earth but you as well and that's the most important part!

The next time you go shopping for gifts or shopping period, reconsider what you're going to spend your hard earned cash on. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Here are some green gadgets you won't want to miss.

I love throwing a good backyard bash as well as going to one. What better way to decorate your outdoors than with Solar powered lights? You can find these pretty's at Restaurant Lighting ranging anywhere from $19.99 to $69.99

Get solar power instead of purc
hase battery.
You need approx. 250 cell battery to charge a cell phone 500 times. Solar power is definite and free! Say good-bye to mass-consumption lifestyle and hello to eco-friendly life! ($21.40 USD) Plus I'd rather dangle this eco-friendly charger than be confined to the length of my charger’s cord!
View more at Strapya World

The Bedol Water Alarm Clock runs only on water and keeps perfect time without requiring batteries or electricity. Just unscrew the base and fill with tap water! Amazing converts ions in the water into clean energy power. Water won’t need to be replaced for 12 weeks or more and its simple and fun to do. Built-in memory chip remembers time so you don’t have to reset. This patented eco-friendly timepiece is even shaped like a drop of water. Great for home or travel. Features a daily or hourly alarm and easy to set 12 hour or 24 hour clock. (Range from $16 to $29)

Everyone needs a good flashlight.
Why not go green with a solar powered flashlight from SunNight Solar. Starting at $39, the BoGo light provides 4 to 6 hours of illumination after a full solar charge of 8 hours and SunNight will donate a flashlight for each light sold!

Waterproof, portable, and eco-friendly, this green gadget is ideal for the techie on the go. The SolarRoll goes everyw
here your electronics can go to provide a quick, off-the-grid charge. Available from Brunton for $200 to $500, the SolarRoll charges digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops, and more.

Growing Wishes Seed Kit
Why not take some time to nurture yourself while nurturing the earth? Uncommon Goods' Growing Wishes Seed Kit is a collection of 8 different seeds, including Sunflower, Calendula, Lavender and French Marigold, and their corresponding "wishes" such
as Joy, Energy, Peace and Hope. Plant these beautiful blossoms and watch them grow along with your dreams! A great reminder to be peaceful and patient during whatever challenges life may bring. ($20)

Xeko Pals
Xeko Mission is a trading card game where kids learn about protecting endangered species and threatened natural habitats. Xeko Pals are plus hy animals (made from organic cotton and soy) featured in the cards. Each Pal comes with unlimited access to its own online game keeping kids occupied while inspiring them to learn about our natural world. That's an adventure worth taking!
If we just do our homework, we can all make this Earth a greener place to live and breath :)

Your one stop shop for eco friendly gifts.
Originally Gifted creates unique toxin free, organic and natural gift creations that do not deplete our planets resources.
Gift ideas range from Birthdays, to His, Hers, Baby, Mothers Day and more.
Prices start from $39.99 and up. A great natural gift idea.



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