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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Phone Ate My Brain

Follow me on twitter...follow me on youtube.....follow me on blogger......
It's a social network era.

A few months back I finally gave in and bought myself a new touch phone, unfortunately much to my own dismay it wasn't an Iphone. *insert cry here*
Actually I'm quite happy with the phone I got.  It's a Sony Ericsson Experia, it's a touch phone that has a lot of cool gadgets.  The only thing that recently has been really frustrating to me is how sensitive the touch screen is.

Let's face it, having phones has made it easier for us to keep up with our social life when we're not bound to the computers at our desk during work and I'm no exception.  I twitter everywhere!!  At my boys swim practice, at the gym, during my grocery shopping and even in the bathtub.  Yes, the bathtub!  I'm horribly addicted and I couldn't be happier.
The only problem I have is that lately my phone has been deleting people from my twitter list.  So if I used to follow you and suddenly I'm not, it's because my volatile phone has somehow deleted you and by the time I log onto my actual computer at home my followers list is shortened and my follow list is even less than that.
My humble apologies!!
I like to pride myself in who I follow and I follow you for a reason.  Usually I choose witty, kind, decent people to follow that I can relate to and having my phone delete you really aggravates me!  I'm working on getting the problem fixed so bare with me.
At first I took it personally that the ones who I accidentally unfollowed, unfollowed me as well, but I guess an eye for an eye and all that.  Now I realize that I'm only human and I er on a constant level with or without meaning to.
On another note, thank you to everyone who understands and for sticking with me.  If you know me, one thing you'll realize rather quickly is that me and technology have a love/hate relationship, always have and probably always will!

Bare with me,


audrey said...

thank you very much for your compliment :) glad to read you like them^^

liquoredonlacquer said...

ahh yes, sometimes my blackberry does crazy things as well!

shootingstars123 said...

LOL. i can't believe i just saw this xD