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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ISSUE?? - You Be The Judge

So it comes as no surprise that I horribly failed the October Photoblog challenge, but I had tons of fun doing the few posts that I did.  One thing I learned about it was to just have fun with my posts, and did I ever!

I was driving my son to school this morning and caught the tail end discussion between the radio DJ and his guest.  Basically from the jist of the conversation his guest had done some research based on kids being plunked in front of the t.v at such an early age, and further went to say that because of this kids are less...well...intelligent.
As you can imagine this started my blood boiling.  So because kids watch television, they're stupid?
Her recommendation is that kids don't watch ANY television before the age of five and even then, very limited.
Let me be the first to admit that television has saved me from many headaches and sleepless nights with my child.  If I needed to get dinner ready, I'd put him in his swing or bouncy chair in front of the t.v.  If I needed a shower..in front of the t.v. he'd go.  If he was fussy at night or wasn't feeling well, we'd snuggle and watch cartoons together.  THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS!!!!
It's not about HOW much t.v you watch, but WHAT you watch and MODERATION, and this chic failed to mention this.  Shame on her!  Who died and made her queen??

Naturally if we sit our kids in front of a t.v that plays horror movies all day, who's to say what those kids will grow up like?  Guaranteed there will be a difference between the ones that watch kids cartoons (although now adays they have the stupidest cartoons on,  Mega Babies??  Get real!) and grown up shows (Jersey Shore).

My point is that no one can tell you what's right for your child, not matter what degree they may have.  YOU are the only one that knows what's best for your kids!!

This brings me to another topic about our lovely scientists, doctors and specialists.
Growing up we were all told that in order to get the proper calcium our bodies need, we need to drink 2-4 8oz glasses of milk a day.  And we all know the age old saying "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away" right?
Well what if I told you researchers found that if you drink too much milk, it is now linked to cancer?
Certain apples lead to cancer?

My point is this.  The reason it may lead to cancer is because of all the pesticide and chemicals they spray our food with!  They sure as hell don't mention that part though.  They tell you to eat this and that, and six years from now they'll come back and tell us that we may have cancer because of what they told us to eat, because of what their research found.  Make up your flipping mind already!!
What ever happened to letting our food grow naturally?  People might be a little more respectful to their bodies when they realize the process real food goes through.
If the government has an issue with people being so overweight, here's an idea, shut down fast food chains.  But of course that would be a huge cut in pay for them, so they'd rather let people fall to their own demise.
I do eat out from time to time, and it tastes good!  But again, moderation is key.  And if they continue to build fast food places, they should make it mandatory to have a list of where their food comes from and what goes in it as well as a healthier option so people are more knowledgeable about what they eat.

Do you know what goes in your mouth?
Think about it.


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