Femme Fatales!

Monday, November 15, 2010


My first Outfit of The Day. 
I've been wanting to do a few fashion posts for quite a while but to be truthful I never had the guts to do it.  I read so many blogs and I see all these stylish fashionista's who are no bigger than my little pinky and it would get me discouraged.  I'm trying not to use body image as an issue for not living my life but as a bigger woman it's very frustrating to know that companies don't make the same clothes I see in fashion mags, for people my size, to which I say Shame on them!  I LOVE fashion too!
Anyway, my point was not to be upset or get into another fit of unfairness by the department stores but to show you how I dressed up a pair of everyday jeans.  By dressed up I mean rather than have a sweater and jeans look, I threw on a white handmade crochet top over a tank top and paired it with some cute Payless Bow flats that add a touch of flirtiness.  To finish my look I cinched the tops together with a Torrid black belt just below my breastbone.  Because of my pear body shape, adding a belt below the breastbone will elongate my figure and draw attention away from my hips and thighs.

Makeup I kept minimal, but it can always be dressed up later throughout the night.

Hope you enjoyed!



Aranza said...

I feel the same wa LOL! Love the crochet sweater, it just gives the outfit such a flirty look.

Love the shoes as well.... I love looking at OOTDs because i am not too fashion forward, and this way i learn a lot...if the OOTD is geared toward real curvy ladies like me, of course =D

Kristen said...

Hey Girl! I haven't been blogging but awesome OOTD! You know how I feel about a total lack of true shape to clothing for women that have a softer shape. I'm really excited to see that you're still rocking this and we need to really start talking about getting an e-mag together!

liquoredonlacquer said...

new blog follower :) ♥

I love this outfit, the cardigan is so pretty! and I love your purse :-)

Bad Luck Baby said...

You're beautiful and you rocked that outfit!!

Zxenarea said...

Awww Thanks ladies. It's so hard to find women who aren't scared to show how they feel, but I realized, and it took me a long time, I really don't care if others don't like how I dress but if I can help somebody else feel good about themselves, then I feel good about me :) :) You girls rock!!

Kristen an e-mag would be amazing!! I'd like to be able to say that yeah I can do one myself, but it's always better with other people. I want to do the photoshoot. You can be the stylist and we just need models :) And a space :)

Any ladies out there wanna be a plus sized fashion model?

shootingstars123 said...

Shoes + Purse,

snow0016 said...

love the knitted top and the purple bag! :)