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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

365 Days of Everything

Gaaaah!  Can you guys believe it's the second week of January already?
The end of this week will mark a special moment for me and the hubby and our son.
We bought a house!
What a perfect way to start off the year.  Please don't mistake my excitement as showing off because my point is that we finally have a place to call home since we've moved to BC.
The search started towards the last two months of last year, and as house hunters many of you know finding that special place is no easy task.  You look at upteen houses each with their own problems.  There's also location to consider, and price and so much more, but the minute I stepped foot in this place, I just knew!
After endless appointments with the bank to set up financing and lawyer meetings and waiting for the time to come, this weekend we get the keys and I'm so stoked!
It's a townhouse that backs onto a protected greenbelt and that alone is exciting.  I can't wait to get out there and start taking pictures.
That being said I haven't really been doing my photography lately.  I'm such a slacker!
To get myself motivated I've decided to start a 365 day project.  Each day I will post one picture of everything and nothing.  Food, cars, people, bugs, whatever!  At least it will inspire me to get out there and shoot.  Hopefully this challenge will go a little better than the October Photoblog Challenge I did, in the sense that I might actually finish this one!

Here goes...my first picture for the challenge.  I call it.....Berryliscious.

What have you been up to beauties?


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