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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine

Recently my husband and I discovered a wonderful new Thai restaurant that opened right around the corner from our new house.  We love to explore and try new foods.  If I ever die, scratch that, when I die at least it will be with the knowledge that I've tried everything :) but I'm young and look forward to trying so much more!

Ban Chock Dee serves everything from Spring Rolls, Tord Mun Pla, Pad Kra Pao,Wonton Soup,Red/Yellow/Green Curry to Pad Si-ieu and many more dishes.  I couldn't off hand remember what specifically is in each dish but their menu includes a small description that really gets your taste buds flowing.

Ban Chok Dee really is a marvel.  Out of all the dishes I've tried I don't yet have a favorite because they're all very good and each dish has it's own unique flavor.  To top it all off you get to choose the spiciness of your dish or you can leave it as is.  No two dishes have the same flavor, I guarantee it!

Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine
Suite 102, 5499 - 203 Street
Langley, BC.
V3A 1W1

They even do take out and you save 10% on your final bill!

 The appetizer spring rolls were some of the best I've ever had and the dipping sauce was even better.  Sweet and sour sauce mixed to perfection!

 I wish I could remember the name of this soup, it was pleasantly spicy but very delicious!  The only thing I don't like is big hunks of tomato in my soup, heartburn central but otherwise I recommend this soup.

 Their green tea is very good.  It tastes fresh without the chemical shit and it's so clear you can see your own reflection, you won't find tea granules in this cup!

 This meal is the Chicken pad thai.  I remember this one because even though that doesn't look like a lot of food, I had to get a doggy bag.  I think I surprised the waitress too with that doggy bag lol. Delicious!

 These chips were to die for!  The peanut sauce was the best!  I'm sure just one lick of this sauce would go against all my weight watchers points for the day but you haven't lived until you've tried this sauce!  I don't know how they do it but they mixed it with another sauce to add equal sweetness and tartness in your mouth at the same time...yummy!  My mouth had an orgasm!

*Pictures were taken with my camera phone, sorry for the blurryiness*

These were random meals we've ordered since we started going to this restaurant, I know, that's a heck of a lot of food to eat in one sitting  ^.^

If you're around the Langley BC area, stop by and give this place a try.


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