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Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Home = Happiness

I know I said in my last post (seems like I start all my posts like this lately) before weight watchers week 4 that I would at least update a picture everyday to practice my photography, and I haven't been around for a week which in reality feels like months, but rest assured I have been keeping up with my photography.  So the question still remains, where have I been?  Not that some of you may care but we finally moved into the house we bought.  Yay!
Who knew moving could be such a time demanding task?  When I was a child and we moved with my parents everything was done by the time I'd get home from school, but now I'm the parent and it's so much fun to pick out furniture and pick where everything should go.

I spent some time exploring my new neighborhood and taking the girls out for a hike.  Because our backyard backs onto a protected green belt there was much to see and do, granted it was a swampy rainy mess  :)

 I'm psyched and ready to go though already soaked to the bone.
 A little blurry but I like the effect and all the dark brown, reminds me of chocolate lol
 God I love mother nature, so pure!
 Random signs make me laugh
 Here's my Cookie and she wouldn't be her if she didn't have a stick in her mouth
 I bought these sexy leopard water proof boots specifically for hiking and so it's easier to spot me should anything happen, just look for the boots
 Here's Oreo, I can't trust her off the leash as much as Cookie, though she'll never run away she dive bombs right for the water and I didn't feel like bathing her after, but I had to anyway from our walk
 Oooh!  We're going under!
 The graffiti underbelly
 Whoop!  We made it to the other side!

 My squishy footprint


Where have you explored lately?


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