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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Car Tag!

You guessed it, this is a tag post.  Not your average handbag tag because lets face it, we've already seen a thousand of those!
I'm not sure if one like this has ever been done before but I wanted to tag something fun and what's more fun than a what's in my car tag?!
So here goes:

What's in my car?

My reusable strawberry bags because you never know when you'll need them.
Cute up your car and help the environment by saying no to plastic bags!

An unaccountable pile of Cd's that half the time I don't even remember what's on them.
Pick, play and jam!

A beach umbrella because on gorgeous days it's one less thing to pack and it's very tempting to go to the beach and set it up, sit back and relax!

Pocket change.  One piece of advice my mom always gave me was to keep at least two dollars in change on you at all times because you just never know.  Use it at a payphone, or to grab a snack, or simply pay it forward and give a buck to the less fortunate.

Since I found the most amazing market with the freshest fruit and veggies I've ever tasted I find myself doing groceries more frequently.  Gauranteed I'll have a box full of yummies on the seat.

Just wanted to show you the market I meant  ^.^

In the rear I hung up a little Beany Baby just because.  Okay okay, I hung it up there because it's pink.
This teddy is the size of my palm and did I mention he's pink?

This goes everywhere until my boy turns 9 or weights over 80lbs.  Rules!  Gotta love them!
Naturally I wouldn't go anywhere without my purse.  All my daily essentials are in there.  I feel lost without it, honestly.

This is my baby.  Yeah it's a mom van but it gets me from point A to point B.  When you have kids, and their friends plus two dogs and a husband to cart around, you come to appreciate the "Mom Van"

So, what's in your car?


shootingstars123 said...

I like the bag! where's it from? :D

Zxenarea said...

Bentley's in Willowbrook Mall Langley BC :) Thanks! I like it too! My gay friend keeps trying to "borrow" it lol