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Friday, March 18, 2011

April Goals

April Fools!  Yup, that time of year is coming again where I wonder what pranks people will play on me.
As of late I can't help but notice how naive I am.  I always fall for everything!  My father-in-law is the worst at pulling pranks on me because you would never think of your father figure pulling a fast one on you, he gets me every time tho let me tell you.  It's never harmful (except to my ego) but always hilarious to the point that I laugh at myself.  We all have someone like that in our lives.

Anyway, this random rant is to physically write (type) down some goals I'd like to set for myself for the Month of April, my birth month.

My first goal being that I won't hyperventilate when my birthday does roll around.  I'll be the big 3 0!!  My God, that feels like I've lived half my lifespan already but when I really sit and think about it there's still so much I want to do and I've yet so much to see and so many more people to meet.  Birthdays don't really get me that excited or emotional anymore but for some reason turning 30 makes me break into a sweat.  There's so much I've done with my life already, school, work, becoming a wife and mother, a good friend, a decent daughter (the best!!), I feel so old and yet so young.  Much too young for mid-life crisis.  Perhaps I'm just excited for a fresh year and saddened to see another gone.

My second goal is to shoot at least three sessions next month, be it child, engagement, couple, or family.  I'm still working on my portfolio which means I'm extremely cheap, so if you're out there and you want to be my (victim :) ) willing participant I'd love to shoot you, with my camera of course.  There's numerous ways to get hold of me, via twitter, facebook, email (nugget_092@hotmail.com) or comment below.

I also want to lose five pounds next month.  It may not seem like much but at the rate I'm going it would be a giant roller coaster ride for me.  I'm still doing weight watchers and it has been one of the best decisions of my life.  I love everything about it and that's very rare.  Normally I would have given up by now or found some fault with the program so I could give up and not (waste) spend my money.  12 pounds lost so far proves to me that it is working, and I'd rather lose the weight slowly and keep it off rather than quickly and put it all back on plus some.  So five pounds should be attainable.

I start night school next mid month.  Yeap, I joined night school, here we go again!  Sometimes I feel like I spend more time at school than anywhere else.  When we lived in Ontario I became certified as a Personal Support Worker (Health Care Aide), before that I was a prep chef, and now I'm really studying to become a professional photographer.  Using art as an outlet has been huge for me, it has helped me to express myself.  I still find it funny sometimes that I went from drawing artistically to photography but if I really sit and think about it everything I've ever done has been about expressing myself.  Even as a prep chef I would make the effort to cut food precisely and make sure it looked good.  While I worked as a PSW (Health Care Aide) I took pride in helping people and making them presentable.  As a photographer I absolutely LOVE to capture the hidden moments between a couple, a family completely at ease with one another or the dimples in the cheeks of a new born baby.  Everything has been about presenting something to the world.  It makes me giddy with excitement to just sit here and type about it, so much so that now I must go out and shoot something.

Have a happy month everyone :)


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