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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Metallic Madness

It's been a while since I've done a make-up post and my little sister (my best friend but we call each other sisters, we even got sisters tattoo's together) has asked me to do a simple tutorial using non expensive drug store make-up, so that's what I did.

My little sister is just starting to experiment with some make-up so she requested a more earthy tone.  I went and got Maybeline New York Modern Metallic 50Q in Sunlit Bronze.  Basic earthy tones but with a metallic twist which I think will be great for this summer.  You can keep it neutral with just a hint of jazzy sparkle.  Dare to be different?  I do!

I used a few other products I already had in my home but since she's just starting and maybe you are too, to get just the eye look finished cost me under $30 dollars and that includes tax.  Not bad right?  Playing with make-up doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg after all.

This is what we will be using for our eyes.

*swatches in natural daylight and inside the house*

I started with a fresh face already, meaning I already applied concealer and foundation, not a must but it depends on how you feel or how much coverage you want.  After that I applied lid primer, I LOVE Smashbox Photo Finish!!
By applying lid primer it helps to really make the colours from the eyeshadow pop and it helps it last longer before it needs to be touched up.

I applied primer to my lids and under my brow bone.

Using the base color (and it tells you right on the shadow, it has a number and says, Base, Crease, Lid, etc.) I apply it to the whole eye area, top to bottom.

Next I use the lid colour and apply it only to my lids.

#3 or Crease colour gets applied directly to the crease of the eye, but I like to feather it out at the edges and bring it up a bit under the brow bone for a more smokey metallic look.

Lastly to finish the eyeshadow part apply the liner colour as close to your lashes as you can to line them. I use a really small fine brush for this.  Remember, at night you can omit this step and use real liner to line your eyes to really take it from a day to night look.

Next I like to fill in my brows, because they're so thin and sparse a nice brow shape really helps to smoothen your look out.

Lets not forget our lashes.  I LOVE my L'Oreal Lash Explosion and as you can see from the picture and faded name brand I use it quite a bit.  Again you can dramatically change this look by adding false lashes before applying mascara and take it to a whole other level.

Dab a bit of blush to your cheeks.

Add some colour to your kisser.
(Because the eyes aren't as heavily noticeable with these metallics a bold lip colour contrasts really well)


Your look is complete.
A neutral colour with a daring dash of metallic sparkle!

I hope you've enjoyed this look.

What colours will you be sporting this summer??


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