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Monday, June 28, 2010

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom

Helen Pang, aka Cherry Chan is next on my list for celebrity blogger interviews.
This funny, charming and beautiful gal has made me laugh, marvel and gasp at her videos and blog.
It's not always easy to come by someone you can relate to and I'm a full believer in everything happening for a reason, that being said, as of late I've noticed that I've been on a mission to surround myself with strong influential women, much of which don't realize how strong they really are.
Helen is in one word, amazing.
Here's why.
(I realize this interview is a bit long but I didn't feel it was right to edit any of her answers because that would be like taking away from her and I wanted everyone to know her as I've come to know her and am continuing to know her, bare with us.)

Name: Helen Pang aka Cherry-Chan (I know...confusing isn't it?)
Age: A zesty 21 years old
Size: 14 on the bottom, 12 on top...but it all depends!
Location: South East London

1. How long have you been making Youtube videos?
I think it's been almost a year and a half now! Time really does fly by when you're having fun!

2. What made you decide to start making videos?
I think I was always fascinated by the Internet and how it allows millions of people from all over the world to connect and to communicate. Looking back it would be obvious that eventually I would have done something like this because since I knew how to, I've been making friends on the Internet and some of my best friends were met online. When I realised how powerful Youtube could be for allowing me to connect with others I just decided I had to do it. I was most inspired by people like Pursebuzz, Kevjumba, Happyslip, Communitychannel, Reiberry, thewinekone and loulud81 just to name a few. I knew that by putting myself out there, I would eventually gain something amazing. I didn't know what it would be but I believed it would be success, friendship and a life changing experience. And I thought if it all went to pots I would at least learn how to use Windows Movie Maker.

3. Does it surprise you that there's so many people who can relate to you and what you do or are going through?
Actually no I'm not surprised simply because I'm just a human like everyone else, with similar feelings, emotions, life experiences and environment. I'm comforted knowing that I'm not the only one to feel x or y and I think others find comfort in that too.

4. I have to say I adore your blog, all of them actually, you're always very open and straightforward which is very refreshing. What inspires you to write?
What inspires me to write? My sister, I suppose! When it comes to natural writing talent and ability, she definitely picked the longer straw. I remember when I was really young, not yet in my teens, she was on the old computer writing out loads of stories and she would find amusement in reading them to me. I think it was because I didn't understand them that it fascinated me because I knew her level of intelligence was so much higher than mine. The moment I got a laptop I started writing stories as well and I was probably 9 or 10.
As I've grown up, writing has become a part of my life that I will never stop; it may be blogging or writing fiction (which I do) but either way it's important to me because it's how I express myself. I find it's the best way for me to communicate and that's why I end up writing so much. I think what pushes me to write is also reading great novels and getting compliments from people about the things I write. That always helps.

5. Being an icon with so many followers both on Youtube and on your blogs, what message are you trying to get across?
I would probably say to always be open minded and kind. Throughout it all I hope I reflect at least a bit of goodness and happiness and that through the relationships I have with my viewers I hope I've shown them that there is support for you no matter where you look. Also it would be to never stop being inspired, always reach out and touch peoples lives in a positive way and allow others to love you as you love them.

6.What kind of effect would you say the media has on today's society?
It really does depend on how you look at it and what we're talking about, the media has its benefits to society as it does it's negatives. The media has its right and its wrongs, it can be a bad influence at the same time it can be informative. What the media does well is that it can educate you if you know what to read, what to watch, what to believe and how much to take in. Some would slate the media for being a bad influence but I would say media is more of a reflection of society than society being influenced by media. After all media is a way of communication and to reach out one must speak the language of the audience. That's probably why magazines like Heat and Nuts have become a success and songs these days have lyrics that make little sense.
I agree with you on that part. I've heard some songs where I literally scratch my head afterwards and wonder what the heck I just wasted five minutes of my life listening to, though it can be quite entertaining.

7. What kind of effect would you say the media has had on you?
I think if anything its been an eye opener. The media portrays so many different images, influences and messages, it's up to you which is absorbed and taken in. If I were half brained then I would choose to listen to rubbish. One of the things that media has taught me is to not listen to one side of the story and to know that a large proportion of the things you hear are probably very warped compared to the truth. It's taught me not to judge before you know the real reasons behind anything and it's taught me that members of authority aren't always going to be correct. On the positive sides it's allowed me to follow great role models who live on this earth and if it weren't for the media, we would be limited to knowing those who live a few miles around us.

8. You go through a lot of personal issues, do you think it's wise to video or blog about it? That is to say people can be so harsh and aren't you afraid they'll make fun of you for it or use it against you somehow?
Personally I think it's fantastic, if only more people were so open we might actually conquer world peace, but as it stands today a lot of people are afraid of what they can't understand.
Thank you! Well, I'm very lucky in the sense that not many people have been mean to me. There have been a few people but that's to be expected isn't it? Perhaps it's because I haven't got a large enough following yet! But I think because of the background that I have, I drop negative comments easily and I've developed a very tough shell despite how emotional I am. I think as long as you show no weakness then it's hard for anyone to get to you.
When I was a child I had many friendship problems which is probably contrary to what a lot of people think. I never quite fit in where ever I went and throughout school I was in numerous fights every year and I made a lot of enemies as I did best friends. People tried to put me down left right and center and it's also got to the point where those very close to me have hurt me so you sit there and wonder why this happens? I've come to the conclusion it's because life has too many variables that change people and its in our nature to try and kill off the weak. Unfortunately for them I'm not weak, so that's that! :) I'm not afraid of what people say about me and to a certain extent, what they say about those I love, because their opinions mean less than nothing to me. If someone doesn't want to hear what I'm saying and tries to put me down, then there is always the block option and delete button!

9. How would you say negativity affects you, be it your own or that of others?
Negativity of my own probably comes from my own insecurities and the real weakness within me. Everyone has their own demons and from time to time I can slip into phases of not wanting to get out of bed or seeing people. I'm not a depressed person, I don't have depression. I can just get quite sad sometimes. Often to lift myself out of negativity I have to force myself to face situations and also comfort myself to soothe my soul. Overall I'm quite a positive person and my negativity usually is influenced by previous experiences.
When someone is negative towards me I think I can't help but be hurt. I'm very sensitive but I shake things off very easily too. Others negativity often brings me down but makes me stronger so its a good thing. I also find it hard to be around too much negative energy because it zaps the life out of me. So when my friends are feeling negative while I'm the positive, I do everything in my power to push them to be happy. Call it selfish but I just can't stand feeling gloomy!
No, me either!

10. What can we expect from your future videos/blogs?
Improvement, I guess? I never know what I'm doing when it comes to these things. I don't have a schedule because I hate routine and I'm not a very organized person. All I know is that whatever material I produce I hope it helps someone and that it becomes more enjoyable to watch. That's all really. I expect you will see me grow in better ways and hopefully better formats that will differ me from anyone else. After all, I'm a very competitive person and I want to be good. So, yes, improvement is definitely in the cards.

11. Your mother is absolutely adorable. What does family mean to you?
Wow, my mother. My family! I smile when I think about the family I love and cherish. I come from a very broken family; my parents had a particularly ugly divorce and I've come from being the youngest and most loved child of a gigantic family to being lost in a sea of hate and disgust. So the family that I have left, I love and cherish and appreciate more than anything else in the world. My family means my existence and my meaning to life. Why do I push myself to work so hard? It's mostly so I can make them proud. I hopefully will have my own family one day and I hope to create that kind of loving environment that my mum did, has and does. I love the feeling of being around my nephews, brother and his wife; I love great gatherings and plenty of laughter and enjoyment. These are the people that shelter me and will be body guards forever; there's nothing I wouldn't do for them and not much I could really do to repay them.

12. What are some favorite products you couldn't live without?
Oh good a less emotional question. I almost started crying! Are we talking in general? Because nail polish is probably one. I don't think I could live without BarryM's Basecoat topcoat and nail hardener... it's the best buy a girl could have. Also a nail buffer, I need to buff my nails to keep them in good condition. I can't live without my TIGI Root Booster because my hair is so flat and lifeless! What else? That might just conclude it all. There isn't much that I can't live without. If somehow all make up and cosmetics were zapped from existence I would be tragically devastated but not for too long. Oh but I do think life is better with my Shu Uemura eye lash curlers! Oh and my GHD straightening irons!
I didn't mean to make you emotional but your answers were everything I knew they would be and more, thus proving my point of how strong you really are. I admire that.

13. Who is your idol?
First and foremost, my mother who has taught me so much and guided me in the best way she could. She is a perfect example of a good human being and she is a person I would say everyone can learn from. Also my sister, she is much more emotionally stronger than I am. She takes on tornado's and natural disasters and she always comes through. I find her amazing. My brother, because he is a self made man, a strong person, a good person, an amazing brother, a brilliant father and a fantastic role model. He was the father of my life.
And then if we're talking celebrity wise (haha) it would obviously be Christina Aguilera, Beyonce Knowles, Angelina Jolie and Cheryl Cole. All for different reasons but I think they are all positive role models in a different way, they all inspire me differently.

14. What do you want to do with your life? That is, where do you see yourself in the future?
This used to be my favourite question when I was younger because each time I would have a definite answer and I was so sure that I would be a doctor or a dancer or really this time I would be an author. But life has taught me to expect the unexpected so I don't know what I will be doing in the future. I want to be successful in whatever I decide to do. I want to be acknowledged for the hard work I put into my work and I want to be rewarded for doing so, I guess! I hopefully will be happy no matter what I do and I hope I will bring my fortune and joy to my family and friends. Fingers crossed, I will be very comfortable and doing something I am good at. I also hope I can build at least one school or hospital in the third world somewhere. That's something I've always desired very greatly.

15. If there's any advice you can give to those lacking in confidence, what would it be?
To stop focusing on the things you dislike, and to channel your energy into the things you do like. To stop worrying about what others think because the chances are they are not thinking like you. To break down the barriers of insecurities by imagining what you would advise another. To truly appreciate the true meaning of being on the earth and to stop worrying about trivial things that ultimately do not matter. To look yourself in the mirror and hug it because if anyone can love you in this world, it would definitely be yourself. And finally, to fix the things you don't like if it bothers you and go learn something new.
I don't know why you're asking me that.... I have such little confidence sometimes it's unbearable to even think about it. But hey, no one is perfect......
Ha! You with little or no confidence is unbelievable. Video taping yourself and writing a blog to put yourself out there takes a lot more confidence than you give yourself credit for.

If there's one thing I've learned from Helen it's that it's okay to be me, the real me, not the one I pretend to be. Sometimes it feels like I hide behind my persona. I put on make-up and dress up to impress others, but the real person, the only person I should do it all for is myself.
In my fantasy world I would be a drop dead bombshell, but in the real world I'm just me, and that's okay.
I'm more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. I like my hair short because it's easier to manage. I should exercise but I don't because I don't want to. I've done the exercise bit before and missed out on time with my family and my friends and time for myself and I grew tired of it. I go for walks, and bike rides and as long as my health is in check that's all that's important.
I have days where I loaf around the house with no real purpose or intent to do anything, so what?
I'm tired of trying to justify my existence on this Earth by trying to make everyone like me, you either do, or you don't.
Tell me that's not inspiring?!

For more inspiration you can follow Cherry Cherry Boom Boom here: http://www.youtube.com/user/cherrychan108

or read up on her blog: http://everythingcherrychan108.blogspot.com/

I promise you, it won't be a waste of your time. Check her out!


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