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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Since I LOVE photography so much I wanted to share some of my favorite and most memorable pictures with you all.

I think for the most part I annoy the hell out of my family and friends now that I know how to use my camera professionally. Before it used to be for fun, but now it's constant. I can't help but laugh. It has consumed my life. I don't leave the house without my camera, and when I do I always find something to photograph and kick myself in the ass for not having brought it with me.

For the most part my son used to be my object of affection, but he's since learned how to avoid the lens which is infuriatingly annoying.
As a doting mother I have every right and every responsibility to infringe myself on my son and capture every minute of his life. I'm slowly learning that this isn't so cool amongst his peers and is borderline embarrassing even at seven years old. Sheesh! I still give my mum hugs and kisses. How times have changed...
I took this back home in Ontario the first and last year we put up a pool. He should have webbed feet he loves to swim so much.

Here he is with his cousin born just a few months before him. They were the best of friends.

A sliding we will go...a sliding we will go...high ho the merry o a sliding we will go!

This is my gorgeous cousin! Definite body envy here, but she's my best friend so it's all good!

Me and my better half, but really I'm his better half :) :)

Totally love this concept, but man was it cold that day! Brrr...

My sister in law. Hot Hot HOT!

These are just a few for now but please feel free to browse through my website for more of my work. www.wix.com/Zxenarea/My-Website.


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