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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So it's raining once again in beautiful British Columbia and I'm not sure I'll ever get used to it.
What better time than to do a Vlog. I've never done one before but I thought what the hell, why not?
Follow this Link if you want to see it :)

A few months ago I bought some make-up from BH Cosmetics. Mostly eye shadow palettes and brushes. I've never really been into make-up but they were the right price and like my Vlog, I figured what the hell.
Let me explain a little. When I say I've never really been into make-up it's not to say I've never used it. For the most part the natural look has been my signature look ever since I can remember. This comes from the fact that,
A) My own mother has never been into make-up and I don't have a sister or anybody to look up to or to have taught me about it.
B) The belief that premature wrinkles, aging and skin problems comes from the use of make-up, falsey advertised by peers and teachers while growing up.
So when I purchased a few palettes, much to my husbands surprise as well as my own, I didn't realize how much it could be to put some looks together.
No longer am I worried about wrinkles and aging because lets face it, I am aging and unfortunately there's nothing I can do to stop it, but I can have some fun during that time.

Here's a look I played with and I wanted to share it with you beauties too. I hope you like it. :)

Lets get started!

The first thing I did was use concealer in the necessary spots for me. Yours might differ. I like to conceal under my eyes, around my nose, any blemishes, and the corners of my mouth (tends to get a bit red at times)

Afterwards I apply powder. I LOVE mineral make-up! Currently I'm using Loreal's Bare Naturale gentle mineral makeup with spf 19 sunscreen.

I apply photo finishing lid primer by Smashbox to my lids.
Then I bust out my 88-Shimer Color Palette and apply according to this:
(Counting across)

Color 13 - Lemon Gold all over my lids
Color 17 - Neutral Shimmer Blue to the inner corners of the eye
Color 44 - Shimmer Grey/Black to the outside corners of the eyes and blend it under the eye as well
Reapply Color 13 - Lemon Gold to the balls of the eyes

The key word here is Blend Blend Blend!

For the under eye I used Color 17 - Neutral Shimmer Blue on the inner corners of the underlid followed by the Color 13 - Lemon Gold smudged to meet Color 44 - Shimmer Grey/Black to the outer corners of the underlid.

Outline the eyes with favorite eye liner,
Curl lashes and apply mascara and voila!
You're ready to rock this look.

I hope you guys enjoy!
I'm gonna play around and come up with some more creations.
Got some colors in mind you want me to play with? Let me know!


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liquoredonlacquer said...

I love the colors!! beautiful!

Ive never really been into makeup until just alittle while ago, i would slap on some mascara and eyeliner and was happy with that :P