Femme Fatales!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Fashion With Forever 21/Torrid/H&M

From left to right:Forever 21, H&M, Forever 21
H&M, H&M, H&M
H&M, Torrid, Torrid

From left to right:Forever 21, Forever 21, Forever 21
Forever 21, Forever 21, H&M
H&M, H&M, H&M

Complete outfit from H&M

For those of you that love Fall, then you're just like me! Most people are in love with summer, swimsuits and a fresh wardrobe, make-up and fun summer shoes. But who says Fall can't be all that too? Nothing beats wrapping yourself up in a warm sweater on a breezy day. Make-up? No problem! Don't need to worry about sweating it off either. Autumn is the perfect season to play with and blend all those warm earthy colors.

What's got your eye this Fall season?



shootingstars123 said...

Striped sweater is the CUTEST <3

Zxenarea said...

Mmhmm...I couldn't agree with you more :)

Anonymous said...

Hi : )
Buying things on the internet or in-store? which usually do you go for? really wondering lol.. i favor in-store as i hate waiting for it to arrive!

Zxenarea said...

I'm usually in store too, but there are some things that I can only get online so I really do a lot of both :)