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Monday, September 27, 2010

Meals In Minutes

Beef Stir Fry
As a mother with a career and a child who partakes in extra curricular activities after school, it's hard to always be punctual with dinner.  I don't don't like the prep time to take longer than a half hour and Dorin doesn't like to wait to eat.
Rather than feeding him from a box, I like to maintain some sort of a nutritional value with my meals and this one I found quick and easy to make.
Keep in mind this is simply a guideline and you can add or remove any ingredients to your hearts desire.
We're gonna start off with some diced onions, garlic is great to mix with the onions

Pour some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) into a wok and once it's heated fry the onions

Once we've got our onions started, in a separate skillet we're gonna cook our beef
I always use stewing beef from the grocers, it's portioned and pre-cut

Next we're gonna dice up some peppers....mmmm...yummy...smells great already!

Once the peppers are diced, throw them into the wok to steam and fry

Did you know that according to Manswers asparagus is an aphrodisiac for women?
We're gonna dice em' up...

...and throw em' in!

Broccoli is a unique package of versatile disease fighters and is abundant in numerous well known phytochemicals and antioxidants...in other words...it's good for you

We're gonna throw it in there too

Let me apologize right now for all the scrolling you've had to do to get to the end result of this recipe...you've come this far...no use turning back now :)

Say hello to four of my favorite spices.  I'd like you to meet Parsley, Garlic Plus, Steak Spice, and Sesame Seed

Combined they make a mouth watering aroma

Using Teriyaki sauce...

...we're gonna pour a generous amount into the wok

While our veggies have been cooking so should have the beef

We're gonna mix the beef with all the yummy veggies!

Now, because I'm lazy (just kidding :) I just find that Uncle Ben's Rice has much more flavor than any rice I've ever made) we're gonna steam it up following the directions on the package

Serve, and eat!

Bon Apetite!



Lisa said...

lady, this is SUPER delicious-- just had dinner, but could suddenly go for more!

Zxenarea said...

:) lol :) Bon Apetite!