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Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy To Be Me!

So this month brings many promises. April showers bring May flowers. April is the month of birth for a lot of people including myself.

To treat myself I decided to go shopping because what's a birthday without a few treats for yourself?
Since I've been eating healthy again for a few weeks now, I didn't want to blow my healthy ways by gorging on cake or sweets, so rather than food, I turned to clothes.

Normally I hate trying on clothes, as I'm sure most of you do. My problem isn't finding something to try on, but the process of physically trying something on. I know what size I am, and every store has my size in everything BUT my size. They claim it's an XL, but when it doesn't even fit my arm, how the heck is that an XL? Like I need another issue to add to my already delicate state of mind when it comes to my weight. Sheesh!

My other dilemma is that when I'm browsing the racks and the sales-clerk motions me to the racks at the back of the store, insinuating that I'd be more comfortable with the clothes from the PLUS SIZE section, because being bigger than a size 10 is something to abhor, I take offense. The last time I checked I didn't have a third eye growing on my forehead, so what gives?
When will the world realize that being bigger than those non existent sizes of 00 doesn't mean you have to hide us in the back like we're disease infested vermin.
Oh how I long for the day when people will accept us for being who we are!
Say it with me folks, say it loud and say it proud! I am PLUS SIZE!!! And there's nothing wrong with that! As long as your health is in check, you're good to go. I'm a size 18 and my weight has fluctuated up and down from the day I was born, but not once have I had a problem with blood or cholesterol pressure. If I'm ok with me, why the hell aren't you?
Someone wise once stated that men like steak, dogs want bones! I'm a healthy 18+ steak, aged 28 years to perfection. Come and get it folks!!
Friends only, lol.


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