Femme Fatales!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I should have started my first blog with this, but if you've read the first blog I wrote, you'll understand why that wasn't so.
Let me start off by saying a few things about me.
I recently moved to BC, left ALL my family and friends behind in Ontario and just upped and left. Well, ok, it wasn't like that exactly. The hubby got a job promotion and being the loyal wife that I am we made the treck across the Provinces together with our son and our two dogs Oreo and Cookie.
WARNING: Don't take a cross Province trip during the winter, it's brutal! But we did make it in one piece, after many, many heart attacks later.
I've come to the realization that when BC is hit with snow, people haven't a clue how to drive in it. Thank goodness the snowfall here isn't like back home, or I might have to teach these Vancouverlites a thing or two about road safety.
We were all here through the Olympics and honestly I've never been more proud to be Canadian than I am right now! Patriotism is huge out here, and it's part of what made me fall in love with BC. Every corner I turned, someone had our flag waving proudly. Events blocked every major intersection and during the last mens hockey game, not a peep was uttered. The streets were empty, not a body in sight and no traffic. When Crosby got the last goal glee was shouted in unison. What a great game that was! Let's do it again next Olympics boys.

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