Femme Fatales!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Doggy Business

Ok, coming home to a messy house from my beloved animals was not my idea of fun!
How many times have you come home to your "pets" having done something they know they weren't suppossed to do?
After careful consideration, a river of tears and a rented steam cleaner later I've come to the realization that I'm not so mad at the fact that they destroyed my plants and dragged them from room to room, or the fact that they felt the need to imbed the dirt into every part of my carpet and somehow mysteriously slobber water everywhere so the dirt turned into a muddy mess, but I'm more upset at the fact that they broke my trust.
You work so hard to train your pets and teach them what's acceptable in and outside the house and just when you think they've got it, it all goes to chaos. What gives?
Times like these I need the Dog Whisperer or Brad Pattison on my side, but would I trade them in? Not on your life! Somehow, through the numerous heart spasms and cleaning all the "pet" messes, they've wormed their way into your heart, they're a part of the family.
Remind me of that the next time they muck my house!


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