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Monday, July 19, 2010

Blushing Roses...

Hello Everyone,
As I have stated in a few previous posts I have been busy playing with make-up and trying different looks. Shocking isn't it? I'm at it again when I normally only put on a bit of blush, lip balm and mascara but suddenly today I had an increase in energy and felt utterly inspired.

It's been three weeks since I've been eating healthy, and by eating healthy I mean getting in all the food groups required in a day. My sleeping habits have changed for the better and I find I'm not tired during the middle of the day anymore when I haven't done anything at all, now lets see if the exercise will come next?? But that's all for another post. This is about make-up.

I first felt inspired to create this look from roses which are prettily sitting in a vase on my desk.
The only problem is, I'm not sure how I went from this

to this?

Either way, I'm not complaining. I think it turned out fabulous. Guess once I got started, I couldn't stop ^.^

Lets break it down.
As per usual I used my BHCosmetic palettes for this look, all three(3) palettes as a matter of fact. Neutral, Shimmer and Matte. I started with a clean face. Washed, toned and moisturized. Then I applied a tinted spf because we want to prevent, not have to fix damage caused by the sun. Even if you're only going to be exposed to the sun for short amounts, I can't stress how important it is to use sunscreen. Spots are not sexy!!

From the tinted spf I went straight to the eyes. I left applying concealer and powder for after in case of fall offs, which would be much easier to wipe away without having to reapply everything.

Shimmer Palette

Neutral Palette

Matte Palette

Apply primer to lids all the way up to the brow bone.

1. Starting with the Matte Palette apply Color 75 to the lids following the arrows, you want to leave the inner corner nude and bring color up into the crease. Apply in the middle of the lower lash line.
2. Using color 38 from the Neutral Palette, apply to the inner corner of the eyes blending where you meet color 75 from the Matte Palette. Now bring the yellow color down into the inner corner of the lower lash line and blend where it meets color 75.

3. Apply color 53 from the Matte Palette just under the brow bone and really blend.

4. Apply color 38 Neutral just under the brows and blend into color 53 Matte.

5. From the Shimmer Palette apply color 77 to the crease of the eyes and sweep upwards. Also apply to the outer rims of the lower lash line. Blend Blend BLEND! Blending is key and very important for making the look more subtle as opposed to a drastic splash of color.

Now you're ready to apply eye liner and mascara and a pair of false eyelashes if you like.
I hope you've enjoyed this look!
I can't wait to share another look with you :)


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