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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Purse and Shoes Haul

I woke up today feeling kind of blah-ish. It was partly due to the fact that a few days ago, Canada Day to be exact, we took the little one on an outing with his best friend and family.
The weather did not co-operate but there's no surprise there. Anyway, that did not stop me from indulging in a few too many sweets, treats, and all things delicious that go hand in hand with a county Fair.
I had a GREAT time!Until I woke up the next day and my tummy was strongly disagreeing with me on what I had fed it the night before. Mini cinnamon and sugar doughnuts by the dozen...yum yum! Tornado potatoes...even better! Perogies and cabbage rolls..........
Needless to say I spent an awful long time getting acquainted with the toilet and today wasn't any different.
I did have plans to get together with a friend and just kind of hang around the house, but my friend bailed on me as he too wasn't feeling the greatest. However, that didn't stop me from going shopping, but let me just say that I had no intentions of buying anything other than groceries. Funny how that works out.
To make a long story short, Payless (Shoe Store) had an incredible sale going on. I've been meaning to get myself a pair of flats for a really long time and even though I swore I was only going to look, I walked out with four pairs for under $25!! Three for me and I couldn't resist getting my friend a pair too. Hell, at that price I should have got some more, but I didn't want to seem greedy :)

I got these because they'll go with just about any outfit.

These pretties will jazz up a plain outfit and add a touch of glitz.

The last pair I got were these doll shoes with just a bit of a heel. Tres chic with a cute skirt and a matching blouse.

My new ultimate accessory is this new purse that my hubby picked out for me, believe it or not. He's beyond trying to figure out my obsession with purses and many other things so now if he sees something that catches his eye, he'll point it out for me.

All these purchases for under $75 has made me very happy!
Who knows what I'll find on sale next?!


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ShootingStars123 said...

The black and silver shoes are AMAZING <3