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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


"So I got my boots on got the right 'mount of leather
And I'm doing me up with a black color liner
And I'm working my strut but I know it don't matter
All we need in this world is some love

But if I had you, that would be the only thing I'd ever need
Yeah if I had you, money fame and fortune never could compete
If I had you, life would be a party It'd be ecstasy"

Sound familiar? These are a few phrases from Adam Lamberts latest If I had You recently released single.
I wanted to take the time and write a few things because I happened to come upon his video for this song by pure chance. I watched him perform for a music awards show a while ago, where he kissed another guy live on stage and I couldn't help but get annoyed. What is it with performers and acting disgracefully during a performance? The part that bothered me wasn't the fact that he was kissing another guy, hell if given the chance I probably would have kissed that guy too (but shhh don't tell my hubby that!!) the part that bothered me was what makes celebrities/performers think that just because they have that status earns them the right to act so scandalously?
Remember Janet Jackson's bare breast? Which was supposedly an accident and granted accidents do happen, but give me a break.
And what about Madonna and Britney and Christina? Though it turned every man on who watched the three of them lock lips, tongue and all might I add, all I could think was ugh...disease central! Especially considering how many times they've been around the block.
I'm very open to public displays of affection, within reason. As a celebrity who people idolize I fully believe they should take that into consideration. People look up to them and as a mother I would not want my child growing up thinking that just because money buys your status you have the right to act inappropriately.
Take note Lindsay and Paris, and Miley!! If you're gonna go out drinking...put some damned underwear on, the kind that covers your ass and your crotch!
I'll bet they're making mom and dad real proud, but then when you have that kind of money who cares, right?

Anyway, I hadn't meant for this to turn into a rambling bitch fest and needless to say I enjoy all those performers very much. I even like Paris's one hit wonder Stars Are Blind. I just feel they should get some respect for themselves!

Back to Adam's released album For Your Entertainment. If you don't have it, get it!
Very rarely do I enjoy an entire album and I have to honestly say that 3/4 of the songs on his album I enjoy thoroughly. If I Had You is competing with For Your Entertainment. I can't decide between the two which I like the most so they're both on repeat on my ipod, followed closely behind with Whataya want From Me and Strut.
comes next with Sleepwalker for something a bit softer to bring me down from my vamped up high only to be picked up again with Fever.
So maybe that's not 3/4 of the album exactly but it's half, and for me that's a very big thing.

I am madly in love with his look for If I Had You. Being totally in love with the 80's (there's no surprise there) if you've seen the video I think you'll agree with me that it reminds me of something that belongs in David Bowie's Labyrinth. Hello Beautiful!!

I can't get enough!

Who is your favorite artist and what's your favorite song?

Leave me a comment. I'd love to hear from you!


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shootingstars123 said...

i <3333 adam lambert =)
but justin bieber's pretty awesome ;P no matter wut they say
and rihanna, jason derulo and taylor swift
have always been epic xD