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Friday, July 9, 2010

A Picture is Worth a thousand words...

For this post I wanted to share some pictures that have made me laugh, despite what mood you're in these doozies will make you chuckle, even just a little.

I'm sure every man agrees!

Run Forest Ruuuuuun!

If you forget to use protection wearing this dress...then we gots problems!
(Gotta admit I'm loving the colors though)

Haha...so that's what we all look like when we hold it in...

Though this screams idiotic it's also funny because as kids, we all thought this represented bacon at some point or another...didn't you?

...because we all know someone like this...

That's funny, cause I thought I was bringing sexy back...

What end do you start at?

Go ahead...make his day!



So, did you chuckle? Even just a little?
If there's a funny picture you've come across or taken, send it to me and I will post it on my blog with a dedication to you.
I'm gonna try to update this post with fresh images every week if I can.
You can send your pictures to nugget_092@hotmail.com Even if they're just from the web, I'd love to see them :) :)

Stay happy my blogger friends!

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