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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Green Bride meets eco-couture wedding gowns...

For the Bride to be looking to make an unforgettable impression
Deborah Lindquist

With summer season upon us weddings are happening around every corner.
Who says green can't mean fashionable?
Look at these beautiful dresses that are sure to stun your family and guests.

One of a kind vintage lace bustier and long straight skirt

Hemp/silk satin bustier with recycled leather cross applique

Organic linen and vintage lace dress
One of a kind bustle skirt bustier dress

One of a kind kimono bustier

How else can you go green on your wedding day:

  1. Use recycled gold for your wedding rings
  2. Serve a local and organic menu
  3. Donate the flowers from your wedding to a local hospital
  4. Rather than a car, use a horse and carriage as your form of transportation
  5. Plant a tree on your wedding day
  6. Send out invitations on recycled paper
  7. Give flower bulbs as wedding favors
  8. Use soy candles
  9. Choose bridesmaids dresses that your friends can wear again
  10. Continue to spread the word on how to be eco friendly to all your friends and family!


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