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Friday, July 23, 2010

Purple Infusion

Are you ready for a purple infusion?
I came up with a simple elegant look using purples and pinks from my BHCosmetics palettes.
I only used two this time, the Matte Palette and the Shimmer Palette.
I have to honestly say the colors go on really smooth and they're easy to blend and last a really long time before needing to be retouched. But don't take my word for it, give it a try for yourself. Their prices are ridiculously affordable and with an 88 palette or even the 120 palette you get 88 or 120 different colors, omitting having to buy each color separately which can get quite pricey.

I am not by any means being indorsed or paid for anything I'm saying or showing you gals and pals, but keep in mind I've been to Mac, and Sephora and even the drugstores and I've walked the makeup aisles a thousand times over hmming and humming about what to buy and why it's so expensive? I'm a practical girl. I have a family to think of and cannot afford to get carried away with my spending as much as I would like. So when I found these amazing palettes which give me so many different varieties, I instantly fell in love. I even got my brushes from them.

Let's get started.

I always start with a clean face. Washed, toned and moisturized. Then I apply a tinted spf because we want to prevent, not have to fix damage caused by the sun. I'm starting to sound like a broken record aren't I? LOL
But even if you're only going to be exposed to the sun for short amounts, I can't stress how important it is to use sunscreen. Dark spots are so hard to get rid of without resorting to chemicals and procedures, so really try to prevent.

Apply primer to lids all the way up to the brow bone and conceal and then apply powder/foundation.

1. Apply color 52 from the Matte Palette from the balls of the eyes into the crease and right to the end of the eyes. Don't forget to add the color to the middle of the lower lash line. Don't worry about strong lines, we'll blend later.

2. Mixing colors 40 and 30 from the Matter Palette apply to the inner corners of the eyes, up into the crease and right down to the lower lash line.

3. Apply color 30 from the Matter Palette directly under the brow bone.

4. Apply color 18 from the Shimmer Palette above the brow bone and right under the eyebrow.

5. Now we are going to blend.
Using color 51 from the Shimmer Palette apply to the outer corner of the eye and blend into the crease. This will smooth all the colors together. Take the time to really blend, and bring the color down to the outer end of the lower lash line.
I like to bring the color up towards the brow bone on the outer corner of my eyes as well, I find this gives a more dramatic effect, great for a night time look, but just as wonderful during the day.

And there you have it. A purple Infusion. Now you can apply falsies (eyelashes), curl and mascara and your eyes are ready to rock!

As usual I hope you've enjoyed :)
Till next time,


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