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Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 12 - Photoblog Challenge

The Town/City you Reside

When the fam and I moved here last winter we started by renting a house literally one foot borderline Surrey BC and the other foot Brookswood BC which is a small community in Langley British Columbia.
I'm loving the location because my son goes to a very good school with an amazing curriculum and we're only ten minutes away from the heart of any city.

During the day we don't have any traffic whizzing by and at night time it's so peaceful and quiet you can hear the coyotes howling in the distance.

That being said not much goes on in Brookswood and sadly there really isn't much to see so I'm gonna make this post about another little town I absolutely adore.  Fort Langley.

Fort Langley is the kind of old fashioned town you see in the movies.  Cute adorable stores adorn the town where I window shop constantly.  You can find hand made candles, clothes, trinkets and just explore the town.  It's full of natural history.

We had our family pictures taken in front of the Town Hall building :)

Planet Java is a must treat.  Tons of Marilyn Munroe and Elvis Prestley memorabilia to look at while you eat

I think this best describes why I love it so.  Simply beautiful.

The original train station is still there, though I think it may have been moved and turned into a museum of sorts, I think.  I've never actually been in there yet.

If you keep driving past the town you eventually reach a dead end where I think people can take the ferry to the next part of their destination, again I haven't gone that far yet.
Local flower shop.

Come!  Explore!  Much to see and do!


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