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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 5 - Photoblog Challenge - Late But Better Late Than Never!

Your Humble Abode

I realize that I'm a day late in my Day 5 post but better late than never.

My humble abode.  To be sincere for the first time in my life I never considered where I live to be my humble abode, partly because when we moved here we started by renting and we're still renting.  I know that home is where the heart is and right now my heart isn't in it.  Eventually when we find our own place and settle down I know that things will change.  The only thing that even remotley makes this place we live in feel a little like home is the people who live with me.  My husband and my son and our two dogs.

Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with renting, I'm just used to having my own house and having the freedom that comes with it.
So to keep within the appropriate terms of this post, I used something else I use on a day to day basis as the starlite of this post.  My closet.  The highlite of every girls dreams.  I fully believe you can never have enough clothes....or shoes...or purses....you get the idea  :)  I love to shop!  I don't do it very often, but when I do I love it!!

 Here we go!!  I'm excited already!!  :)
This is my side of the closet.  My clothes take up 3/4 of a double sided closet, but that's only because Jason says my clothes are more important, which is to say I usually get more dressed up than he does.  Don't be fooled tho, he has quite a bit of clothes too.

This is my purse.....I wanna say rack, but it's not really a rack.....my purse wall.  I bought this awesome purse organizer from Avon a few years ago and I swear by it!
On top I keep my Guess knock off, followed by a second Guess knock off.
Then there's just two generic purses I bought at Bentley's, followed by my Prada knock off.
I also keep my Chanel....correction, my cousins Chanel purse I borrowed and just haven't given back to her yet  :), and my Urthbags handbag.
Below is my keepsake box and my stuffed Teddy I got for my 16th birthday and my beloved stuffed sheep.  I have a huge love for sheep!

In my dresser is your typical day to day necessities.
On top is my socks and string, my tights and my boy briefs.
In the middle I keep my over shoulder boulder holders and below are my night gowns.

 Under my nightstand I keep my Girly movie stash because you never know when you feel like having a good cry fest or watching a sappy romance...nothing beats that!
Then I keep a stash of possible giveaways for my blog.  Everything you see here so far minus the movies is what I'm working on as a giveaway for Christmas.  I add a little more to it each time I go out, so subscribe and all that you see can be yours!

 On top of my dresser is where all my menagerie lies.  My costume jeweler, my earings and my sunglasses.  What you see is what you get.  I love it all!  Each piece I have whether I've worn it before or not is meant to go with specific outfits.  Half the time I forget they're there and end up buying new shit.  Eventually I'm gonna look for an organizer for it all and stash it in a dresser drawer...haha...then I'll really forget about it all.

These are three books on my nightstand I have on the go.  Why three?  Because I'd start reading one, forget where I put it and start another....so now I have three on the go.  I usually end up having to start from the beginning again, or re-reading the previous chapter to remember what's happening.  lol  You know you're getting old when.......

There you have it.  Broken down in a nutshell I use or add to everything you've seen.  :)


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