Femme Fatales!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Day Two

Someone You Adore - 5 Reasons Why

1. She's the prettiest girl I know
2. She's like a sister to me
3. She's very thoughtfull
4. I trust her with my life
5. I love her!

I absolutely totally and utterly adore my cousin!!  Her name is Patricia Lascut and she's a precious young age of 25.  She's like a younger sister to me and I treat her as such.  I can share my deepest darkest secrets with her and know that she will take them with her to the grave.  We've grown up together living in the same house for many years and it was some of the best times of my life (though at the time I didn't think so and I'm pretty sure neither did she) lol.  There's nobody else in this world quite like her and when the two of us get together we paint the town red.  There's nobody else who can match my craziness except for her, tho I'm pretty sure she may be crazier than me!  She knows how to have fun with a capitol F and I can't wait until I can go visit her again!!

We are princess's.  We even have the Queens wave down pat, though that isn't hard to do lol.  It doesn't matter what the situation is we can always make it fun and turn a good night into a GREAT one!!

I can always count on her to give me a ride when I need one if my car is broke and I know she'll do it gladly with a smile on her face.  (Yeah right!  She'll bitch and whine like a baby but she'll still be there!)  :)

Holidays are always fun!  It's tradition in our family to do secret Santa since we're all grown now.  More often than not she always gets me and I couldn't be happier!  The woman has taste!  Normally I get a purse and a few cosmetics even though I don't ask for anything, how can I refuse that generosity?  LoL.  She knows me better than I know myself.

Look how happy we are  :)  It makes me smile just to look at this picture

Once in a while we get all glammed up and go out.
(Nvm the creeper in the background, that's just my mom  :)

Of course partying at my house is fun too...and much cheaper  lol
(Oh look....another creeper, this is her boyfriend, soon to be fiance I'm hoping!)

I did a photo shoot for her once and I don't know which one of us had more fun.  Playful banter, name calling, insults fly left right and center, but it's when we're quite that we know something's wrong.
She really is my better half and I know for a fact the world is a better place because she's in it!

Love you cuz!


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