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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 14 - Photoblog Challenge

Something You Craved Today
Something I craved today?  That's an easy one.  FOOD!
If you've read my last few posts I mentioned that my hubby is whipping me into shape, not because he thinks I need it but because I asked him to.  Believe it or not we both used to be very fit people.  He always had and still has more will power than me so by asking for his help he's helping me to stay on track.  I believe it was five days ago when I started this whole fitness thing with his help (God it feels like forever ago!!) and I haven't fallen off the band wagon yet.  Part of this is because I keep track of what I eat which has helped me realize that holy shit, I've ate way too much in the past.  The other part that I sometimes hate with a passion is I'm actually waddling my ass to the gym.  It's been five days straight of physical fitness and though I feel at times like the gym has kicked my ass, I feel good!
I don't expect to see changes anytime soon.  We all know that it takes a few weeks before your body starts to change.  I don't want to rush into it and lose everything at once, this ain't no Biggest Loser.  I'd rather lose it slowly and know that it's off for good.  But it's not even about losing the weight, for me it goes beyond that, I want my health back and the only person who can give me that is myself!
So what do I crave on a day to day basis?  You got it, food!
Salads, fish, chicken, sushi, fruits, vegetables.  Mmmmm....bet you thought I was gonna say cake or ice cream didn't you?
Fat Chance!

Stay healthy and strong my friends,

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