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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 6 - Photoblog Challenge

A Representation of Your Day - What Do You Do

What do I do?  Every day is filled with either fun and new exciting things, or a bit of the same repetitiveness that comes with having a job, parenthood, being a wife and mother.
I work with flowers for grocery chain stores.  I can't tell you who we are or where we're situated because there's a whole confidentiality issue to deal with and I don't wanna walk the fine line between it.
I am gonna say though that it would be nice if one day the company opened it's own store.

Every morning we wake up and get ready for the day.  Me and the hubby for work and Dorin for school.
The dogs go to their dog cage for the day until we get home from work.  On rainy days they stay in the house, but if it's beautiful outside, out they go!

Usually work lasts a good eight to ten hours, sometimes even 12 hour days...no bueno!  But I can't complain because it pays the bills, rather, I should say I shouldn't complain :)

We grab Dorin from school, or the sitters and head home where I usually prepare supper while Jason plays with the dogs and Dorin is supposed to finish his homework if he has any.  Though usually it turns into an argument because he's discovered the art of lieing as of late, much to my dismay, and I end up blowing a gasket telling him he shouldn't lie and how could he do that to his poor mother?  (Hahah...I really lay it on thick....he's gonna grow up to respect his old schma...and women!)

By the time dinner is over and done with we have a little time to watch some t.v together where we all snuggle on the couch, or in my bedroom and watch in there.

Then the bedtime routine starts and we do it allover again the next day.

Such is life.

I love to cook!  I'll try just about anything, but I do have to be in the mood.  Stir fry is a favorite at our house!

We hide Easter eggs for Dorin to find during Easter Time.

We take Dorin to the park to play.  I like to keep him as active as I can...if I can  lol

We make snow angels in the snow.

We love Parades.  We stood for four hours waiting for the 2009 Toronto Santa Clause Parade to start.  They were having technical difficulties....*insert eye roll*

We go on vacation as a family.  Jamaica was amazing.  Can't wait to go back!  We stayed at the Trelawny Starfish Resort in Montego Bay.

We dress up for Halloween and play games like who can make a better Mummy...out of toilet paper.

We bake our own Birthday cakes and celebrate with family and friends  :)

We decorate for X-Mas.
Christmas is a fun time at our house.  We go all out!  It takes a good week to decorate but we love it all!

We are family!
*busts out in song*

This is what I do.  This is what we do.  This is our life!


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