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Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 4 - Photoblog Challenge

 What's In Your Bag?

This is my favorite type of post, even though it's my first one.  What's in my bag?  Try everything but the kitchen sink....lol.
Seriously though, usually I have all sorts of riff raff in there, but believe it or not I actually just cleaned it out this morning before work and kept it to the main necessities.

Everything that you see here is what I have in my handbag on a day to day basis and absolutely could not live without!  From my Chanel wallet with my abundance of cards, to my day to day planner.  Then there's my Blistex lip balm which has saved my dry chapped lips numerous times.  There's also my Dentyne breath mints and my nail file because you never know when bad breath will hit or that annoying hang nail will piss you off.
I also keep a spare pen in the depths of my bag and my 'Go To Beauty Bag'.  I also keep a roll of doggy bags because you never know when the pooches will poop, or where.  Also I carry a reusable strawberry bag because I'm an avid believer in reusing.

In my 'Beauty Bag' I have everything from extra pads, to lipgloss, wet naps, handcream, q-tips, bobby pins, a really cute round flip brush from Sephora, a spare nail file and deodorant.  Seems like a lot and you're probably wondering how I fit all that in there?  Let me just say I love travel sized things!  :)

This is my favorite wallet.  My cousin brought this back with her from one of her many trips to NYC.
I am determined that I will make my way there one day!!  Hopefully soon!

This product I CANNOT live without!!  It never leaves my bag unless I'm using it.
Often times the everyday smells from wherever we are gets trapped in our hair, or at least it does for me.  Go to a restaurant, come out smelling like food.  Go for a walk through the city, smell like smoke, sit by the bonfire, reek of ash.  This handy product seriously eliminates the odor by masking it with a wonderful floral and spice aroma that lasts for hours.....Mmmmm...........

These I cannot live without either and sadly they never leave my bag.  I need these to see, plain and simple.
It's not to say I can't see, just not really well.  Up close I'm fine, but I need these beauties when I drive or watch t.v.  From afar everybody looks the same.  Same eyes, same size, same shape....sounds like a perfect world.

Of course my bag wouldn't be complete without my shades on hand  :)

  What's in your bag?


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